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PHOTO: Valley Ridge Park SeaTac next to Tyee High School Turf Softball fields
PHOTO: Valley Ridge Park Hitting Club pics
PHOTO: BASH's (5) World and International Championship Rings
PHOTO: The Senior Scene News covers Ruth Realty in Article
Senior Softball Hitting Articles Written by Art Eversole
PHOTO ALBUMS: Bash's Senior Softball Pictures
Washington State Popular Ball Field Locations
***** jostens Senior Softball Championship Rings ******
SSUSA's Men's 65's Major Plus Teams for 2014
PHOTO: Cancer Benefit Happy Valley, OR Photo
((((((((( 2014 Season ))))))))))
(((((((((( Tournaments in 2014 ))))))))))
NW Senior Softball Popular Tournaments Listing for 2014 Season
PHOTOS: NorthWest Silver Tips 75's Win in Hunstman 2014
Mike Sisavic and Jim Douglas inducted in to SPA HOF
JIm "Crusher" Douglas WA State Snowbird, wins with the Mesa Arizona Cardinals in St. George, UT 2014
The Very Ancient Mariners Win Huntsman 70's
PHOTOS: Bellevue Merchants win 55's 'AAA" @ Classic Rock in Lacey, WA
PHOTOS: Pastimers Win Westerns 2014
PHOTOS: Pacific NW Legends Pics
PHOTOS: Sim's 65's win @ Grass Lawn Redmond, WA 2014
Wenatchee 60's Invite 2014 Results
Wenatchee 70's Invite 2014 Results
SSUSA Yakima Invite 2014
Players Memorial Lacey PDF files: Nomination form and Entry form
PHOTO: Brett Kreuger hits bomb @ RAC in Lacey, WA
PHOTO: Sims pictures from Lacey, WA
SSUSA April Spring Recreation Tournament @RAC Lacey, WA
PHOTO: Sims 60's and 65's Team Pictures from Bullhead City, NV 2014
PHOTO: Pics from Bullhead City March 2014
Bullhead City Spring Brackets
Bullhead City Customer Survery
PHOTO: MDC Promotions win in Arizona Sidewinders Tourney
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PSSSA X-tended League Standings 2014
PSSSA X-tended League Strength of Schedule 2014
PSSSA Win-Loss Records for 2014 Regular Season
PHOTOS: Pics from makeup games PSSSA Celebration Park June 11th
PHOTOS: PSSSA photos from Celebration Park May 7th
Monday Night League 2014 Schedule
PSSSA 2014 Matrix and Team Schedules
PSSSA Administrators, Managers, Coaches contact list for 2014
PSSSA Rules for 2014 Season
PSSSA Meeting Minutes for 2014 Season
Puget Sound Senior Softball League (PSSSA) 2014 Teams
Dream Park Lacey, WA 5on5on5 for 2014
Steel Lake Practice Times 2014
(((((((((((((((( 2013 Season )))))))))))))))))
Lacey Turkey tournament 16" ball 2013
NW Local/SSUSA Popular Tournaments 2013
Lorenzi Park Las Vegas, NV Address
Medford, Oregon Senior Softball Tournament Schedule
Washington State Senior Games 2013 Results
2013 Annual Cipriano et al Tournament at Celebration Park
(((((((((( 2013 Leagues ))))))))))
PSSSA xTended Season 2013
Puget Sound Senior Coed League 2nd Half 2013
Puget Sound Senior Coed Softball League 1st Half
Monday Night League Schedule/Standings
Men's PSSSA 2013 Current Win-Loss Records plus League Rules
Puget Sound Senior Softball Association (PSSSA) 2013 Matrix Schedule
Puget Sound Senior Softball Association PSSSA Field Diagram
Olympia Senior Softball 5x5x5x Spring League Standings/Schedule
((((((( PHOTOS 2013 )))))))
Snow Day Friday Dec. 20th 2014
Ruth Annual Christmas Party 2013 Photos
SSUSA Triple-Crown Winners 2013
Pro Greg Connell demonstrates releasing the top hand right at contact
Sims takes Silver in Huntsman games 2013
Joeseppi's 80's Win LV/SSUSA World Masters 2013
Puget Sound Opener @RAC Lacey, WA Apr. 16th - 17th
Brett Kreuger of NW Legends Demonstrates Open Stance
Gregg Connell Swing Mechanics
Pro Jeff Hall of Fame show left arm mechanics
FREE AGENTS Win Monday Night League at Celebration 2013
NW Legends Win NORCAL 2013 Championships
Edmonds Senior Men's League Champions EDEN
Renton Softball Wins Divsion in Washington Cup 2013
First American Title win in Sacramento WESTERN NATIONALS 2013
Ruth 65's Play Hard in Sacramento WESTERN NATIONALS 2013
Steve Johnson of Alcan/Yardarm catches Brett Helmer Bomb 417 feet @Safeco
Modern day swing by Pro Greg Connell
Bullhead City Spring Tournament
Goodman Racing Win in Dalton, GA 2013 SPA 55-Major
Washington State Senior Games 60's Results
Ferndale Photos, Sept. 10 & 11
Players Memorial @RAC in Lacey, WA 2013 Photos
Wenatchee Invite Photos First American and Joseppi's
NW Legends Reno 2013 (4) Photos
Senior softball players raise money for hurricane Sandy victims
NW Legends Brett "kreugs5" Kreuger demonstrats the modern swing
Sims of Olympia, WA win the 65's divsion in Bullhead City, AZ March 2013
Portland Disposal/Four Seasons @TOC 2013
Pastimers Win Winter Worlds 55 AAA 2012
(((((( Photos 2012 ))))))
Washington State Cup 2012
RUTH60's Win LVSSA/SSUSA World Masters in Las Vegas, NV 2012
Ancient Rainiers win in St. George 60's and 65's Team Photos
NW 80's Luncheon and Social Post Las Vegas 2012
Joeseppi's Las Vegas Masters Photos 2012
Ruth 65's Team Photo Las Vegas SSUSA World Masters
NW Legends SSUSA World Masters Champions 2012
First American Title Team Photo Classic Rock @RAC 2012
NorthWest 80s photos from Las Vegas Masters 2012
First American Title Western Nationals Aurora, CO Photos
Aurora Co. Theater Shooting Memorial Photos-Tom Foley
NW-80's.SSUSA.Western.Nationals.AAA.Champions Photos
Western Nationals Aurora, CO Jones Chemical photos
WSSG Shelton, WA 2nd Weekend of Play 2012
Wenatchee's Golden Sun 2012 Photos
NW Silver of Olympia, WA win Silver Medal in Wood Bat Tourney in Idaho July 2012
Sims from Olympia photo from Bullhead City, AZ Nov. 2011
Ruth 65's Championship Team Photo WSSG Shelton 2012
Jim Sherman Memorial SSUSA Lacey, WA 2012 Photos
Sims Laboratories win GOLD @WSSG 2012 Green Division
Rock 'n Reno Challenge Cup 2012 Photos
First American Title 65's Win TOC Birth from Jim Sherman Memorial
Wenatchee's 60's Inivte May of 2012
SSUSA Spring Opener REC @RAC Lacey, WA
Tom Foley Photos of First Amercan and Joseppi's 2012 Southwest Championships SSUSA May Las Vegas
Fastsigns/Portland Disposal/Four Seasons 70's 2012 Wenatchee
Northwest 80's 2012 Team Photo
BASH's Trip To SSUSA Headquaters Jan 30th
Sims Laboratories Bullhead City, AZ March 2012
(((((((( 2012 LEAGUES ))))))))
PSSSA x-Tended League Schedule/Standings 2012
Monday Night Men's Senior Softball League 2012
Puget Sound Senior Softball League 2012 2nd Half
Puget Sound Senior Softball Men's League 2012 1st Half
PSSSA Board of Directors/Managers/Coaches Contact Information
PSSSA 2012 Coed Senior Softball League
5x5x5 Shedule & -TEAM BASH- Lacey, WA @RAC
NW Senior Softball Popular Tournaments for 2012
Turkey Big Ball Bucknell Park Lacey, WA 2012
Yeager's Anuual Ferndale Tourney PDF files-
SSUSA Spring Training Rec Tourney @RAC
(((Batting Tips/Instruction)))
SSUSA Hitting Articles by Art Eversole
Ken "Bogie" Van Bogaert Show Fastpitch Swing Mechanics
Brett Kreuger's Swing Mechanics to generate 450' to 500' home runs
Pro Slowpitch Sofballer Denny Crine's Swing Mechanics
Hank Garris Swinging a REEBOK USSSA Softball Bat
Senior softball field dimensions
BASH Custom Made Strike Mats
Vinci Fielders gloves/Batting gloves/eye glasses...and more!!!
Pastimers Washington St. Photos from PHX Worlds SSUSA
Joeseppi's July 2011 Picnic Photos
((((((((((((( OBITS )))))))))))))
Passing of Jack Franco brother of Joe Franco
Passing of Senior Softball player Ron Stevens
Miller Duris Senior Softballer Passes
Fastpitch Pay 'n Pak Star Greg Vangaver Passes
Passing of Frank Vincenzo Feb. 2014
Passing of Tony Fiorito of Alcan/Yardarm Tavern
Mike Budnick Longtime Area Fastpitch Player Passess
Passing of Mike O'Shaughnessy of the Premier 50's Olympia, WA Aug.22, 2013
Passing of Chris Heuett Married to Larry Heuett
Passing of Jack Bonato Umpire @Buckey, WA
John (Jack) Miller a Buckley Logger
Bob Diehl "TimeOut/Sluggers" "Jimmy Mac's" Passed 2012
Passing of Dick Hansen
Passing of Yeagers' Ross Prince
Ted Lambie of Ace Paving and Jimmy Macs
Paul Grudis, senior softball Olympia has passed away
Yeagers Sponsor Frank Uhrig Dies @ Age 80
Jim Sherman's Celebration of Life Service/Photos
Merritt Jim Sherman Seattle Times Obit and Guest Book Signing
Dick Bronson's Celebration of Life Service/Obit
Local Senior Softballer Dick Bronson Has Passed Away
Fastpitch Star Dick Christensen Dead @ age 70
Dick Fenske of Bremerton Passes
Passing of Chuck Coughran of Olympia, WA
Renton Softball loses Kirk L. Kauzlarich and Gordie Neilson
Dick Venesky Premier 50's Olympia, WA Nov. 2008
Ed Rothe (Scrap Iron 60's) Defibrillator
Skip Maloney's Passing
John Ruth's Obituary
John Cresto's Obituary
Don Haaplala of the Buckley Loggers Passed Away April of 2009
Joe Kilby's Obituary
Bob Ferguson Passing Obit/Guest Book Signing/Photo
Dale Harris's Obituary/Guest Book/Photos
******* End Obits *******
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PSSSA LEAGUE 2nd Half Session 2007
PSSSA LEAGUE Extended Session 2007
PSSSA xTended 2011 Season
PSSSA 2010 Excel Format Entire Schedule
PSSSA Senior Softball Morning League-2008 Extended Season
Ogopogo-Kelowna, BC Tournament Info
PSSSA x.season 2010 Standings, Scores, Schedules
Ruth Realty 2010 PSSSA League Team
PSSSA Rules of Play for 2010
PSSSA Official Rules of Play 2009
PSSSA 2010 Men's League Info: Standings, Links to team schedules
Joeseppi's Las Vegas Masters Photos 2012
PSSSA Official Rules for 2008 Season
Coed Senior Softball Greater Seattle Area 2008 - 2010
PSSSA Men's Senior Softball League 2009 Schedules/Scores/Standings
PSSSA 2nd Half Spreadsheet Matrix & Hand-written League Schedule 2007
Art Eversole's Senior Softball Slideshows with Music!
Puget Sound Coed Finals @Game Farm, Auburn, WA 2009
Ruth Tukwila Team Roster for 2009 Team
Ruth Softball Teams Private Page Password Required
Ruth PSSSA Team Box Scores & Player Stats
Cal Ripken's 2007 Baseball Camps
bp-Batting Practice Pitcher's Portable Protection Screen
Classic Spring Training Jacksonville, FL- 2011 Photos
PSSSA Senior Softball Morning League Second/Half Schedule/Standings-2008
Sue & Bob Ayres Travel Services
Happy Valley, OR Draft Tournament November 21st
W.E. Ruth 60's Tournaments 2007
Complete Washington State Senior Games Resutls 2012
Olympic Senior Games in Port Angeles
Woodlawn Hitting Club St. Petersburg, FL - 2011 Photos
Joeseppi's Play Ball in PHX, AZ Late February 2011
Federal Way Monday Night League
SSUSA Ireland International Softball Trek
Spokane Qualifier Photos May 14th and 15th
Fountain Hills Arizona Spring Tournament
O'Shays Annual Senior Idaho Classic
Sizzlin' Hot Summer Softball Tournament
Sidewinders March Tournament
Casket Ready and Lovers Photos July 13th
Montana Senior Games 2011 Jun 25 - 26
Mesquite CAN/AM Senior Softball Tournament
Bullhead City Flyer Nov. 7 - 9
Pacific Northwest Senior Softball Popular Tournaments 2011
Washington State Senior Games 2011 Photos
Lacey @RAC 5x5x5 Spring League
Aro-Glass/Clubbers "AAA" win in Las Vegas
Monday Night Softball (SSMNL)
Puget Sound Senior Softball League (PSSSA)
Joeseppi's 2nd Place Rock 'n Reno 2011
Tukwila 65s Win GOLD in St. George 2011
Sims Vibrations Senior Softball Photo 2011
Ruth 60's take 2nd place in PHX, AZ 2011
SSUSA Worlds in PHX 2011 Photos
SSUSA Cuba Trip Feedback
Apogee Tavern Renton, WA St. George Bronze Medal
Yeager's 60s Win GOLD in St. George 2011
Sims Laboratories win in Bullhead City, Arizona Nov. 2012
Ruth Realty Christmas Party 2011 Photos
Instruction on how to throw a baseball/softball
Bat Wars Dot Com
BASH's Softball Bio/photos and Personal Stats
Team Kreugs 5x5x5 Hood View Complex in Happy Valley, OR Jan. 23
JoeSeppi's 75's Ron Schwartz BirthDay Party-Photos
2010 Senior Softball Tourneys @ RAC in Lacey, WA
Softball Magazine Page 1
Mesquite 2009 Prior to Hunstman Games Oct. 3 - 4
Softball Magazine Page 2
"Outfielders Lament" a poem by Mike Perry of Montana Senior Softball
Rogue Valley Senior Softball 1st Annual Tournament 2008
Interstate (5) Traffic Delays Near Lacey, WA and the RAC
Softball Today Slo-pitch Magazine
CLASSIC SPRING TRANING (CST) 2010 @Jacksonville, FL Feb. 19 - 21
Reno Itinerary
JoeSeppis Wins Reno 75 Major Division-Photos
2010 Montana Senior Olympics/Softball Tournament Information Jun. 12 - 13
Seattle Sting Coed Lower Woodland 2009
NSA Senior Softball Tournament @SERA May 15 - 16
Ruth 65's Reno Photos 2010
2nd Annual Seattle South Puget Sound Qualifier- @RAC in Lacey, WA Apr. 17 - 18
Tacoma Athletic Commission Hosts 2010 Banquet of Champions
Wenatchee Annual FunTourney April 24 - 25
Sidewinders 2010 Senior Softball Tournament Flyer Feb. 24 - 28
Reno Itinerary for Ruth 60's
SouthWest Region Annual Senior Softball Tourney Mar. 1 - 3 **** Rained Out ****
Wenatchee 60's Invite Photos from Dave Lazor Ruth 65's
Jim Sherman's Father's 100th Birthday (Centinarian)
Redmond Annual Tournament 2010 @ Grass Lawns/Perrigo Park Jun. 4 - 6
Players' Memorial Lacey, WA ---photos
Ruth 60's Rock'n Reno Challenge Cup-- May 29 - 31
Kelowna, BC 2010 Tournament **** CANCELLED ****
Rock N Reno 2010 Photos
Coeur d' Alene Senior Softball Tournament Jun. 19 - 20
Ruth 65's 2010 Official Roster
Mesquite and then St. George Huntsman Oct. 5-7 & 8-12.
JoeSeppis' 75's Win Western Nationals Tournament
Ruth 60's Possible Tournaments for 2010
Ruth 65's & Joeseppi's 75's Win GOLD in Washington ST. Senior Games 2010
Ruth 65's 2010 Tournaments
Ruth 60's 2008 World Champions PHX, AZ
W.E. Ruth Tukwila Community Center PSSSA Official 2009 Roster
Balls To The Wall Senior Tourney Jun. 19th
Boeing 787 Flies with Spitfires at Farnborough, England
Chip Cipriano/Jim Sherman Memorial Tournament 2010 Jun. 16
Players' Memorial, Lacey, WA Jun. 12 - 13
SSUSA Western Nationals @RAC in Lacey, WA 2010
2010 tourney info for Washington State Senior games Jul. 17 - 18, Jul. 24 - 25
JoeSeppis's take a 2nd in Missoula, Montana 2010
Photos from the Jim Sherman Memorial Portland Cup Jun 22 - 27
Montana Senior Softball Games 2010 @Missoula, MT Jun. 25 - 27
Photos--- Jim Sherman Ceremony Ruth 65's Portland, OR
Sim's Vibration of Olympia Champions
Ruth 65's Win SSUSA Western Nationals @RAC 2010
NSA Senior Softball Tournament Sunnyside, WA July 17 - 18
Olympic Peninsula Senior Games Softball Aug. 28 - Aug 29
NW Silver Win GOLD in Washington ST. Senior Games 2010
Carnino's of Renton Win Gold in Washington State Senior Games
Rogue Valley Medford, OR 3rd Annual Senior Softball Tournament Sept. 16 - 19
Bend Oregon Senior Softball Classic 2010 Jul. 24 - 25
Photos from Port Angeles Coed Senior Games 2010
Joeseppis 75's Win in Wenatchee Aug. 28th & 29th
Yeager's 2010 Annual Tournament in Ferndale, WA Sept. 11 - 12
Mesquite Invitational Oct. 2 - 10
JoeSeppi's Photos from Medford, OR
SSUSA Rock 'n Reno 2011 Photos
Huntsman 2010 Events Schedule Oct. 4 - 15
TOS Mesquite/St. George
Beaver Dam, AZ the Dam Tavern Mesquite & St. George Sleeveless Shirts Gray
**** NEW MIKEN BAT **** [Miken Interchangeable Barrel]
Classic Spring Training Photos 2009 Event -- February 19 - 21
Classic Spring Training Jacksonville, FL -- February 19 - 22
Huntsman Senior Games Swing Photos 2010
Northern California Senior Softball
Kelly's Ultimate Sports ASA Bats Last chance to get 2008 ASA Composite Bats
Puget Sound Coed Competitive League {2007}- Database
Ruth 65's Salt Lake City Collage 3rd Place Finish
Huntsman Senior Games St. George, UT Oct 5 - 17
Washington State Softball Park Directions
Ferndale Yeagers' 1st Annual Invitational Sept. 6 & 7 2008
Ruth 65s Take 2nd in Chehalis 50's Tournament Aug. 16-17
NWSS Popular Tournament Dates - 2008
August 9/10 50s+ Can-Am tournament. (open to American teams) Kelowna, BC
Washington State 60s Senior Games Shelton, WA 2008
SSUSA California State Championships Aug. 15 - 17
Combat NIT USSSA Major Russell Road July 4th 2008
Ruth 65s Harry Barber and Barbara Barber Gathering plus Dale and Noni McLaughlin do the Grand Caynon
** SALT LAKE CITY- SSUSA Western Nationals **
SSUSA NorthWest Championships Portland, Oregon
Wenatchee Golden Sun Tournament June 14-15
Sparks, NV Golden Eagle State of the Art Softball Complex OPENS!
Rock 'n' Reno Tournament 2008 Details
Wenatchee's Golden Sun Annual 50 and Over
CAN-AM SSUSA May Qualifier Olympia, WA
Dennis Mullens Kick-Off 2008 Self-Umpire Tournament 1 Day Only!
SSUSA Kennewick Qualifier April 19 & 20 Slideshow Pictures
Wenatchee's 60's Early Bird Invite
SSWC Kennewick Qualifier April 19, 20 2008 Brackets!
NSA Celebration Park April 5, 6 2008 Kickoff!
Venture Bank Tournament Flyer-2008
Yeagers Fall Letter from Terry Jorgenson
Yeager's Softball 2008 Calendar
Player Of The Week!
Bashbro1's SSUSA Adjoining State Breakdown Study
Old School Softball School Flyer
First Senior Da_Bomb Squad Of The West Region To Take Place In Kent, WA Sept. 4/5!
Bashbro1's Really Cool 2007 Tournament Calendar
SSUSA Senior Softball Win-Place-Show 2008 Worlds
Huntsman Games 2008 St. George, UT
LVSSA Senior Softball Las Vegas 2008
SSUSA-Worlds Phoenix Oct. 17-26
SPA Senior Softball Preliminary 2009 Events Schedule
Doofers Softball Renton News Article
Doofers Softball Club Renton, WA
Pacific NW Senior Coed 2008 Playoffs!
Puget Sound 2008 Coed League Jim Sherman Administrator/Commisioner
Buckley, WA Senior Softball 2008 Schedule
Senior Softball Big Fish Story!
NSA Local Tourney Dates from Shane Verley
Steven J. Underwood Men's Tuesday Night League 2008 Schedule
Puget Sound Senior Coed League 2009 Seeding games Schedule/Scores/Standings
Sprinker Tue/Thur Half Century Senior Softball League Schedule
Ron Mattila & Mickey Bartels Make Hall-Of-Fame Pierce County
Big League Edge Facility
Puget Sound Coed Recreational League {2007}-Database
Yeagers Sports Tournament Fliers
Barack Obama's first choices for his cabinet
NW Senior Softball 50's + Coed Recreational League Hard Copy Schedule
NW Senior Softball 50's + Coed Competitive League Hard Copy Schedule
Tuesday Night's Men's FALL League @Steven J. Underwood Park in DES MOINES, WA
Tuesday Night's Men's League @Steven J. Underwood Park in DES MOINES, WA
Buckley League 2007 Printed Schedule and League Database
Las Vegas Masters Ruth 65's Oct. 1st - 3rd
Tournament Flyers 2007 Season
Popular Tournaments for NW Teams (65) Listed
18th Annual 16" Softball-Turkey Day in Lacey, WA 2007
SSUSA 60s Worlds in Phoenix, AZ Oct 19 - 21 2007
Las Vegas, NV Senior Masters 9/28 - 9/30
SSUSA Washington State/CanAm Championships 9/15 - 9/16
Longview USSSA Senior Softball Tourney 9/8 - 9/9
Yeagers 60's Win in Nanaimo, BC 8/25 - 8/26
Charlotte, NC Senior Softball Program
SSUSA Portland Northwest Championships 2007
Dennis Mullens II in Shelton Has Sunday's Play Washed Out 2007 8/18 - 8/19
Ruth 60's Tripped up in St. Louis ISA Senior Worlds 2007 7/27 - 7/29
Ruth 65's hit their way to SSUSA Western Nationals Victory 2007 6/17 - 6/19
Wenatchee's Golden Sun 7/7 - 7/8 50-65s Tournament
SPA (Softball Players Association) 2009 Tournament Dates
Rain-Out Graphics Picture
Buckley League Schedule 2009
USSSA Midnight Madness Tournament/Events/Festivities
Puget Sound Senior Coed League Standings 2nd Round 2009
Yeagers' Nation Info for 2009 Season
National Softball Association (NSA) of Washington State
Dennis Mullens Tournament Dates
Wenatchee Tournament Details
Arizona Sidewinders Desert Classic Dec 2 - 6
Month of July 2007 Tournaments!
Puget Sound Senior Coed League Schedule/Scores 2009 Full season 16 games
Pacific North West Tournament Calander
SSUSA 2009 Tournament Rule Changes Summary
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ASA Senior Softball Tournaments
Previous Home Page Material Archived on 07/19/2009
Hoodview Turf Complex Happy Valley, OR 5x5x5 U-trip
News and Hitting Videos
Sidewinders 24th Annual Peoria, AZ Senior Softball Tourney, -- February 25 - March 1
SouthWest Tournament -- March 2 - 4
Kamloops, BC 2009 September 4 - 6
Annual Chip Cipriano/Norton Tournament June 17
Senior Masters Tournment Longview, WA September 19 - 20
Yeager's Nation Ferndale Tournament -- September 12 - 13
SSUSA Senior Softball Worlds PHX Oct. 16 - 25
Ace Paving's Annual in Bremerton -- September 19 - 20
Rock 'n Reno SSUSA Qualifier -- May 26 - 31
Tracyton Public House Tournament -- July 11 - 12
Idaho State Senior Softball Tournament -- August 21 - 23
SSUSA Qualifier @RAC -- August 22 - 23
Ken Maas Memorial Senior Softball World Series 21st Annual SSWS -- June 28 - July 5
Senior Softball Tournament Port Angeles -- August 29 - 30
Summer National Senior Softball Games -- August 1 - 15
California State SSUSA Senior Softball Championships Yolo County -- August 11 - 16
NSA NW Senior Softball Championships Lacey, WA -- July 25 - 26
Washington State Senior Games in Shelton, WA July 18 - 19 and 25 - 26
Bend, OR Senior Softball Tournament July 11 - 12
Ogopogo Seniors Slo-Pitch Tournament -- July 11 - 12
SSUSA NorthWest Regional Championships @Delta Park -- June 23 - 28
Missoula, Montana Senior Softball Tournament -- June 27 - 28
Venture Bank/Tacoma Rainiers Senior Softball Tourney June 20 -21
Roger Petch Memorial Men's Slo--Pitch June 6 - 7
Photos from Time Out Sluggers/Dam-Bar in Mesquite/St. George 2010
First American Title Win Bronze in St. George '65's Division PHOTOS!
Pastimers Win East vs. West 50's AA in PHX SSUSA Worlds 2010
2010 NorthWest Popular Tournaments Schedule
Photos from Emerald City Masters vs. Lover's Package @Underwood Monday, May 17th
Softball.city S.Surrey Cinco De Mayo 5/5 - 5/6
Senior Softball-USA Tour & Tournament in Prague!
Inaugural Redmond Senior Softball Tourney 2007 6/9 - 6/10
Ferndale SSUSA Qualifier 5/19 - 5/20
Yeagers 60's Take Kelowna, BC Shortened Tournament 6/15 - 6/17
The 8th Annual Cipriano/Norton Slo-Pitch Tourney (2007)! 6/12 - 6/13
Annual Wenatchee 60 Invitational 5/12 - 5/13
Dennis Mullins Red Winner II @Sprinker ; Heritage WASHED OUT! 6/9 - 610
Rock'n Reno 2007 Challenge Cup! 5/29 - 6/3
Bellingham Yeagers 60's @Ferndale SSUSA Tournment Press Release 5/22
Kennewick Tournament 4/21 - 4/22
Jimmy Mac's @Wenatchee Fun Tourney 4/28 - 4/29
Mesquite, AZ Senior Events Schedule 2007
50/55/60 SPN / SSUSA CanAm Tourney
Tournament of Champions TOC Winter Haven, FL 2/23 - 2/25
National Senior Softball Broadcast Site
OSSL 5x5x5 Final Standings for 2010 Spring Session
Bullhead City, AZ Senior Softball Fall Classic
Winter Classic in Mesquite, NV Dec 1 - Dec 5
Arizona Desert Classic Peoria, AZ Dec 1 - Dec 5
Sidewinders Senior Softball Tournament Feb 22 - 27 2011
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PSSSA Board of Directors and Team Contacts:
Previous Home Page Material Archived on 09/01/2007
Joeseppi's 75's Take 2nd in SSUSA Worlds PHX 2010
OSSL Summer Sessions Planned
Olympia Senior Softball Spring 5x5x5 League Schedule
NSA Local Director Msg.
Pitcher/Player/Coach protections screeens
A Very Proud Grand Daddy Is One Of Our Own Senior Softballers...
Seattle's First Professional Baseball Game May 24, 1890
Bats- Bats-Bats- Bats-Bats- Bats!
PSSSA Rain Outs/Make-up Games Schedule!
Joeseppi's Fund Raiser Dinner @Joeseppi's restaurant, Tacoma, WA
Puget Sound Coed Standings, 16 Game Schedule Web Site
W.E. Ruth 65s Tournaments 2007
Puget Sound Coed League Seeding Rounds Final Standings 2010
Xtended League 2009 Season
Ultra II & DaBomb Allowed in St. George 2007
SSUSA Teams Rating Group by Age, Sorted by State then Rating
W. E. Ruth 55's Tournaments 2007
PSSSA Senior Softball Morning League First/Half Schedule/Standings-2008
Ruth Teams Information Page
Tri-Stars Fall Classic Men's Over-50 Softball Tournament -- September 12 -13

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